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About Nuala

Nuala has been a therapist for over 20 years, specialising in VortexHealing & Yoga Nidra, also Naturopathic Nutrition and Feng Shui. Having worked in the Corporate World she understands the demand and stresses life can put on you, as well as looking after a family.

The basis of her practise is looking to relax the body, the mind and balancing out the emotions, since the body only heals when it is in a state of relaxation.

She runs one-on-one private consultations in Surrey, with a clinic in Bagshot and Skype consultations for those further afield.

Why see Nuala?

The important thing is not only the many years of experience she has, but the ability to connect with people and help them through challenges that life imposes upon us. These challenges can happen at any time and learning to deal with them from a more centre place will allow more freedom in the body to arise and true healing. The body is a complex network of cells, organs & systems, with many levels to look into for healing, from structural to energetic, from thoughts, patterns and emotions to feelings. Providing the body with the ’tools’ it needs to self-heal is critical to well-being and since the body is complex, there is a need to look at the person as a whole, incorporating a range of lifestyle changes, one step at a time.

She sees people who experience

  • Anxiety, Fear, Grief, Guilt etc – a whole host of emotions and feelings
  • People who may have low energy levels or feel frequently run down
  • People who have low concentration or foggy heads, or are stuck in a certain situation or pattern
  • Then there are the physical symptoms such as gut issues like constipation or diarrhoea, then other things like headaches, allergies, weight concerns
  • Feel free to give her a call to see how she can assist in a situation you are experiencing right now and which session may be suitable for you.

    What Nuala can offer

    As a therapist for many years, including an Advanced VortexHealing ® practitioner, she is able to work with you looking at specific areas of your life in which you feel out of balance, in other words in which you feel you are not operating 100%. As seen these can be from emotions, to situations, to relationships to physical concerns.
    The services she offers are personalised to the individual, since you are unique, no-one has a wonderful make-up like you, just sometimes it needs a little bit of assistance.

    Sessions offered

  • VortexHealing®
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Nutrition
  • Feng Shui
  • Note: Yoga Nidra sessions are sometimes held as a group session, so enquire below for next availability.

    What clients say

    During the healing today I actually cried with tears in the beginning and thought that some block got released. I knew you worked on (this Immune condition) because it gives me lower back pain which I had before and I don’t have after. – Maria

    You provided a very deep and curious healing, you offered an approach to the wounding that I’ve never encounter before. It was terrifying to encounter this pain, but ultimately liberating in revealing the capacity and capability of this energy to do so. Thank you — Frank, London

    After a shock recently I had a distant session of Yoga Nidra with Nuala. She spoke to me about my intention & guided me to find the right words that fitted with my feelings, I forgot that I was receiving her instructions via the telephone she felt in the room with me, I felt held and nurtured though out the session. It made such a difference to my energy that I went from feeling I would not be able to cope with the situation in my life, to able to let go of the outcome & relax into what will be will be. – Karen, UK

    I felt the healing like a wave of warmth and love. Very calming and soothing for my system. Clearing out lots of heavy emotions in my chest. Anger and frustration was coming up and then suddenly it lost its grip. – Mithra

    I have had several distant healing sessions from Nuala for different reasons: back problems, fatigue, stress, etc. I always feel so much better afterwards, and I actually feel my body repairing itself for several days, even several weeks after. I have had distant healing before from other people, but Nuala’s healing is by far the most powerful I have ever experienced. – Isabelle, California

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