Mindfulness 8 Week Course

Mindfulness 8 Week Course

Don’t miss this unique Mindfulness Course run by Gayle Joubert.

Gayle packs so much into her course and I learned so much! She isn’t kidding when she says you will learn to ‘run your own brain’! (Sophie Watson, Windsor)

I had been on a mindfulness course before, which didn’t seem to help me at all. I attended Gayle’s course on the recommendation of a friend. I am so glad that I did! Gayle even said that if I didn’t get anything out of it she would give me my money back, but I’m still processing all the stuff I learned and know that is up to me to put it into practice. I am taking responsibility for myself in a way I never could before. (Ruth, Camberley)

Mindfulness is more than just ‘being present’ – it is about no longer allowing your mind to make you miserable! Suffering is optional – when you take your thoughts captive, you can live through any circumstance without becoming a victim (unless you choose to, of course!).

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