Gayle Joubert

Transpersonal Therapist, Mentor & Life Coach



Mobile: 07788505053




About Gayle

Gayle is an experienced and qualified therapist with a down-to-earth approach. She works in an intuitive and integrative manner, using many different techniques: Hypnotherapy, Meridian Therapies (EFT / EMDR), Personality Profiling, Inner Healing, NLP, CBT, Kinesiology and much more. Her in depth knowledge and experience are invaluable to her clients.

Gayle now works only with a few select clients as a mentor and coach (almost exclusively via personal referral, however you are welcome to chat any time to find out whether this would a discovery path you’d like to travel.)

Her goal is to help her clients to fast track on the self development journey – distilling the knowledge and experience that she has gained over forty years of self development, study and private practice.


Gayle specialises in:

Confidence and Self-esteem

Self-Development (Career, Relationships, Communication, Mindset)

Spiritual Development

New Beginnings and recovering from painful endings.



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Registered with:


BA Th. Dip Hyp. GQHP Nth. ILP