Counselling with Emma...

Many of us have times when things can feel out of control, or we feel particularly low or overwhelmed in our lives. During these times we sometimes struggle to find the right direction or a purpose.

Counselling can enable you to talk about difficult situations and feelings with a trained practitioner. It is a process that can help you explore your thoughts and emotions and gain self-awareness. Knowing ourselves at a deeper level can enable us to make better decisions in life.Good therapy is collaboration between the therapist and clients. It’s not about being told what to do by the therapist, it’s about working together to see the bigger picture of your life in order to put it back together in a way that is right for you.

I work with a broad spectrum of issues but specialise in couples counselling and trauma.

I have got numerous years of experience working for a charity supporting clients who have been impacted by rape, sexual abuse, sexual violence and childhood sexual abuse

Experience and qualifications:

I hold a BA in counselling and work within an integrative model.  This means that I am able to adapt the way in which I work to suit you and the needs that you have.I have experience of working with a variety of mental health conditions and specialise in domestic abuse, sexual violence and couples counselling.  I have worked with a number of charities including East Surrey Domestic Service, Your Sanctuary and the Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre

Maybe you’re finding it hard to cope with difficult feelings that you don’t understand, but can’t ignore, and which stop you from leading a satisfying life.

 Feelings like depression, anxiety, anger, shame or jealousy can affect every aspect of life yet be difficult to talk over with family and friends.

Do you have a particular issue you wish to address or a decision you are struggling with that feels overwhelming and you want some help in finding clarity about?

Perhaps you need help in looking at long-standing issues or traumas, or to make sense of painful events or losses whether in your current life or earlier in life.You may be looking for help in how to manage in relationships, which just don’t seem to be working.  

Or perhaps to understand why you behave in certain ways that don’t seem helpful to leading the life you want?

How I can help

Help you to understand yourself and others.

Change behaviours that hold you back.

Handle strong emotions like fear, anger or grief.

Look at ways of thinking that affect how you feel.

Build relationship skills.

Heal pain from past experiences.

Enhance your ability to cope with emotions.

Sessions and Fees

My fees are £45 per hour for individuals and £70 per hour for couples. Concession rates are available for those on a low income.

Contact me now for more information or to have a chat about how I might help