Advice for Covid-19

If you are not well, coughing or have a fever, do not attend your appointment. Call or text your individual therapist practice to let them know. Contact details

Some encouragement for you and coping skills to help you glide through the next few months – 

from Gayle Joubert

 Some of us have lived through local and personal disasters, but how many of us have ever experienced anything that has affected all our lives, worldwide, quite as much as this Covid-19 thing?
When your normal day to day life changes unexpectedly, and especially if you feel shocked by the escalating mania, you may feel vulnerable and allow fear to get a toe into the door of your mind. It is all too common to find yourself feeling stressed, frustrated, anxious and, or, confused.

Limit negative talk.
Be mindful of your exposure to negativity and of your own reactions.  Watch your thoughts, and be mindful of the voice of fear creeping in. If you are feeling anxious, ask yourself if you can find ways to empower yourself and others right now. Be the voice of reason and peace.

Build up your immune system
Resist the temptation to self-soothe with crappy food – it will make you feel worse! Eat loads of fruit and veggies to boost your immune system and elevate your mood! If you can’t go to the gym, you can still go out for walks or find other ways to exercise. You will be pleased that you looked after yourself!

Watch these amazing videos to learn Wim Hof’s method if you want to build resilience and boost your immunity.

Now is the time, more than ever, to use the tools you have learned in your own self development. Over the next year you will definitely find new ways of being and almost certainly be tested in your resilience.

Is it really that serious?
Please remember that most people who get the virus will have very few symptoms and recover easily within a few days. Your need to self-isolate is to protect the more vulnerable (which may be yourself!) and to ease the load on the medical profession, which in the long run will save many lives.

Online Sessions
Sessions are availably via webinar these days. I have an HIPAA Secure compliant method to connect with my clients, I am sure your personal talking therapist will have something like that as well.

Much love, stay safe!