Advice for Covid-19

If you are not well, coughing or have a fever, do not attend your appointment. Call or text your individual therapist practice to let them know.

Some encouragement for you and coping skills to help you to deal with Covid-19

Online Sessions
Sessions are available via video from many of our therapists, but we are open and seeing one to one clients.

Over this strange period you have no doubt found new ways of being and probably been tested in your resilience. 

Perhaps you managed peacefully, using tools you have learned in your own self development?

Some of us have lived through local and personal disasters, but how many of us have ever experienced anything that has affected all our lives, worldwide, quite as much as this Covid-19 thing?
Many of our clients were shocked by the escalating mania and felt vulnerable. When we allow fear to get a toe into the door of our minds and find ourselves feeling stressed and anxious, it is important to have some support to help us think and act with clarity.

The trouble is that anxiety shuts off our ability to think clearly! If you don’t have support, please do get in touch with one of our lovely therapists who will be there for you to help you.

Some tips:

Limit negative talk.
Be mindful of your exposure to negativity and of your own reactions.  When others are talking up a storm of fear it is all too easy to get caught up too – it is like a mini tornado sucking up your energy.

Even if you don’t feel it yourself, be the voice of reason and peace to others and it will rub off on you!

Watch your thoughts, and be aware of your own negative voice of fear creeping in. Ask yourself whether you know that these thoughts are true, or whether they are just concerns that may never happen. How is worrying about it helping you? It’s not, is it?

Learn Mindfulness
More than ever this has been a time to practice the mindfulness that many have been learnind and teaching. Live one day at a time, remain in the present, and be at peace with the unknown. When your mind is peaceful you are more resilient and able to cope – which is a rather obvious thing to say but we often forget it!

Build up your immune system
Resist the temptation to self-soothe with crappy food – it will make you feel worse! Eat loads of fruit and veggies to boost your immune system and elevate your mood! If you can’t go to the gym, you can still go out for walks or find other ways to exercise. You will be pleased that you looked after yourself!

Is it really that serious?
Most people who get the virus will either have very few symptoms or recover easily within a few days, as with normal flu. Don’t let this foo you – many who have vulnerable lungs or lowered immunity are still at risk, even if they have been vaccinated. In our family where one couple in their seventies had the virus, one died and the other had no symptoms. In another part of the world, a close relative was severely affected by Covid-19 and it now needs care for badly damaged lungs.

Those that are young and relatively healthy often forget the need to protect the more vulnerable. Let us all respect one another, and one another’s choices, and we will get through this together.