Treatment Room Hire

4 Rooms for Physical or Conversational Therapies:

Massage/Physio room with desk and modern treatment bed
Comfortable seating
The “lounge” is large enough for groups of up to 12, allowing for courses and workshops.
Talk therapy-room with recliner and desk

Special Offer For Starting Therapists!

10 ad-hoc hours for £110.-
Pre-paid VOUCHER, valid for 6 months.
Contact us for our latest rate card and for more information.

14th Century Awesomeness!

15th century wall paintings
15th century wall paintings
Part of the former Saracens Head Inn

Do you enjoy working in an integrative manner?
When we share our talents, knowledge, resources and time, we are stronger and more effective.
No therapist can specialise in every area.

At Integral LIFE Centre, we aim to refer our clients where possible to other specialists when we feel that they would benefit. That could be you!