Reduce Stress – 8 Week Course

Reduce your stress levels

This is an 8 week course (2 hours per week) designed to allow you to explore, understand and reduce your stress in a small confidential supportive group.

We will teach you a wide range of stress reduction strategies including the following:

  • Reframe your thinking to understand the source of your stress;
  • How to use your body to empower you emotionally to deal with your stress; and
  • Change your communication and behaviour to manage and reduce your stress.

This will be done using a wide range of practical ways to reduce stress through using models of our personality, recognising our strengths and needs, meditation, guided visualisation, breathing exercises and body relaxation.

We aim to provide different practical solutions to include tools that everyone can use. This will culminate in you leaving the course with your own personal stress reduction programme to manage your stress in your daily life.


Weekly 2 hour sessions;
Cost: £199 per person (can be paid in monthly instalments)
The course is run and facilitated by Maria Russo and Andy Spencer

Enquiries and booking

Andy Spencer

Counsellor Stress Management Bagshot Surrey

Humanistic Counselling and Couples counselling
Mobile 07760 351 733

Maria Russo

Humanistic Counsellor specialised in Transactional Analysis

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