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David Reid

GQHP, Senior Associate, Royal Society of Medicine, GHSCC Validated Practitioner, National Council for Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy, Certified Birthing Practitioner, GHR Reg. NHS registered supplier

Telephone: 01256 704769

email: MissionHypnotism@btconnect.com

Websites www.missionhypnotism.com and www.davidreidhypnotherapy.com


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About David

Hello. I’m David Reid, and first I’d just like to say thanks for checking out my profile. I’m primarily a Hypnotherapist, although I do often use other treatments I’m qualified in when they’re going to be useful in making sure of the right result for you.

Hypnotherapy is one of the most effective ways of helping you to modify your thinking and behaviour in the areas you want to change and improve in your life. I can help you to stop doing things you’d rather not be doing, and I can help you to start doing things you’d like to do or do better. You may well be surprised and delighted by how soon you’ll feel the change in yourself. In fact, don’t be surprised if its others who first point out that you’re a bit “different” these days. Will you share the secret of how you did it? That’s up to you.

Just a few examples of the stopping things you’d prefer not to be doing would be stopping smoking, excessive drinking, nailbiting, gambling, having panic attacks, sleeping badly, being afraid of spiders, being anxious and stressed, showing anger and road rage, and of course being fat or gaining weight.

A few examples of the starting to do things that would be improvements could be building confidence and self-image, effective public speaking, learning to drive, taking exams and tests, sexual and relationship issues. One which is difficult to explain or define is one which I seem to be coming across more and more, particularly in women in the 25-45 age range. It’s that feeling of being “frozen”, “stuck” or “lost”. It creeps up on you, and you just can’t seem to get out of it. I’ve had great success in helping to free my clients from this horrible feeling.

Here’s a sample of some other conditions I’ve helped my clients to resolve successfully in recent months – fear of flying, fear of water (for swimming), inability to swallow pills, acne, grief acceptance, relationship break-up, paramedic practical exams, driving test nerves, fruit machine addiction, post-traumatic stress, writer’s block, social anxiety (ex diplomatic armed protection officer), interview nerves, career confidence.

Sometimes results can be remarkable

I’ve been around a long time, and I’ve come through a good few traumatic and dramatic situations in my own life, my family’s lives, and my clients’ lives, so I’m uniquely qualified to help you in yours. You don’t have to have anything dramatic to consult me about, of course, often changing the more routine things can have a hugely beneficial impact on your life – far more than you might think right now. Everybody’s different, and it’s not unusual to approach a situation from more than one angle to deal with it successfully – there’s no “one-size-fits-all” solution.

Why suffer or struggle any longer when you don’t need to? Visit my websites to find out more – then give me a call or email me. The contact details are at the top of the page.

And when you come to consult me, in complete confidence of course, I’ll help and treat you as the unique individual that you are, so that we can achieve the most beneficial and lasting result possible. Then you can experience the freedom that comes from feeling on top of the world again.

Thanks once more for checking out my profile.

P.S. I expect to be offering various group sessions in the near future here at the Integral LIFE Centre, so keep an eye on this site for those, too. The first is likely to be on Self-Hypnosis and how you can use it.

More info:  www.missionhypnotism.com and www.davidreidhypnotherapy.com


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