Beatrice Cutler – Nutritional Therapy, NLP Practitioner

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About Beatrice

Beatrice is an experienced Nutritional Therapist and has worked one to one with clients for the past 10 years alongside corporate work and teaching and supervising clinical practice.

She has worked with both adults, teenagers and children and uses a functional approach to ensure that the underlying causes of your symptoms are explored and addressed.

She has advised clients over the years with a range of conditions and complex health concerns as well as advising on weight loss, healthy eating for vegans and vegetarians and nutritionally supporting sports men and women around their training programmes.

She brings a wealth of experience along with an empathetic and down to earth approach to each session and aims to provide each client with a personalised plan for both dietary and lifestyle changes.


I aim to help you to understand how your health condition / symptoms have arisen and advise on how a tailored food plan can help you to make positive and long term changes to your health.

A nutritional consultation will explore both your current health and your health history to discover how individual biochemistry, lifestyle and dietary influences may be combining to influence your health status.

I will negotiate a dietary plan with you to ensure it is suitable for your lifestyle, family and resources. Laboratory testing is available and this will be suggested if considered useful, as well as suggestions for any supplements that may support your programme.

Your first session will last about an hour, and I usually recommend a follow-up session around 6 to 8 weeks later to check progress. This can be by Skype or telephone. Further sessions can be arranged as needed.

What Beatrice offers you

Nutritional Therapy is aimed at helping the body to heal itself by restoring natural function. It can be used successfully alongside other complementary therapies, and is also helpful to support ongoing mainstream medical treatment.

Training and Qualifications

– BSc (Hons) Nutritional Therapy
– Certified NLP Practitioner
– Registered with the British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapists (BANT) and the Council for Natural and Complementary Healthcare
– Associate Member of the Royal Society of Medicine
– Registered with the National Health Register of Complementary Practitioners
Alongside my client work and corporate events, I teach clinical skills at CNELM and I am a clinical supervisor

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